Monday, July 4, 2011

What to Look For in a Ceilng Fan

When you're shopping for a new ceiling fan, take a look at the following attributes:

The Finish:  The more expensive ceiling fans have a sealant added to prevent wood from warping and peeling.  A good quality finish on metal blades helps prevent tarnishing from occurring and helps prevent scratching.

Blade Pitch:  The wider the blade and the higher their angle the more air that gets circulated. The more expensive fans have a blade pitch of about 12 to 14 degrees.

The Quality of the Fan Motor: The best fans are rated as an Energy Star product.  This guarantees a quality fan.  The motor will have a 30 year warranty and will operated 50 percent more efficiently than conventional ceiling fans.

Making Rooms More Comfortable

Although one of the best things about a ceiling fan is how much it can add to a rooms personality, there is also the other benefit they are known for.  You can make a room more comfortable and cooler in the summertime. In the winter, just reverse the direction of the fan to gain benefits from running the ceiling fan in the wintertime.

When the fan is in the forward position, you will feel a breeze when you stand below the fan.  For the warmest of days, you can run the fan on high to get the maximum benefit.

In the winter, reverse the fan direction.  You can tell you've done this correctly if you turn it on but don't feel any stirring of air when you stand below the fan. The fan is working on the warm air that has collected at ceiling level.  You can't run your fan on high in reverse.  This can actually cool down the warmed air which is defeating the intention. So run it on low or medium.  This can help to take a chill out of the air and help to make every corner of the room warmer and more comfortable.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kids Ceiling Fans and Light Kits

In addition to an appliance that will help warm up the air in the winter and cool it down in the summer, your child's bedroom will also have some attractive lighting. Glass globes for ceiling fans can be found in most hardware stores and lighting stores.  Most fans come with light kits as most homes have ceiling clearances that allow for fans with lighting. Some models also come with a remote control.  There are 3 ways to control a fan's power.  With a pull chain, with a wall switch, and with a remote control.  The remote control will also control the lighting.

For the Young Girls

You can find various heroes of little girls to decorate their bedroom with. Pretty pink fans or fans designed after heroes like Dora the Explorer.  You can let your little girl have a say in which fan you buy.  Give her selection after you've scanned prices and found a handful you were considering.

You don't have to worry if your ceilings are low because most companies carry a large selection of hugger ceiling fans like the Dora the Explorer one pictured here.  If you removed the light kit, you would have a ceiling fan that would fit with even minimal clearance.

For the Goth Kids

I actually have a couple of grown women friends that absolutely love Halloween decorating and have incorporated some Halloween decor into their home for all year long.  This ceiling fan would be perfect for someone who is that much of a fan of Halloween or the teenager that may enjoy goth or related themes. 

A Different Kind of Sports Fan

If your son or daughter is a big sports fan you can find a fan to fit his or her passion. This is an attractive baseball ceiling fan made by Hunter.  We want to encourage our children to participate in sports.  It's a good way to socialize with other kids and a fun way to exercise and keep in shape. We should encourage our kids to participate in sports and just think of how popular this fan would be in your kid's bedroom?

The bats form the paddles and the baseball is a ceiling fan light fixture

Super Hero Ceilng Fans

Most young boys have a favorite super hero.  If you start your search on the web, you will probably be able to find a fan bearing images of your son's favorite hero.  Recently hero super movies have become very popular.  We are resurrecting the Green Lantern and other comic book super heroes.  Movie promotion is directed at kids and there's no doubt that super hero ceiling fan for kids will continue to be a popular design in ceiling fans.